Grading and Result

Multi-User friendly dashboard

Eresultpro has an easy-to-access dashboard which is easy to process at a single glance. Our Dashboard contains all important features needed for carrying out general operations for report card creation and analysis reports.

User-Friendly and Automated

Our Dashboard has an ability to fit in perfectly into any size-Be it laptop, desktop and single platform.

Accessing and Printing

It offers different customization choices for accessing and printing report cards and analysis reports in various formats. You can easily publish single report card at a time.

Simple to Navigate

Saves a lot of time and effort as all activities are integrated on a single platform which are simply navigable by management,teachers and students. Our Dashboard is detailed and simple to use.

Unique and Systematic

Our Dashboard is structured to provide effortless and convenient information without any hassle. It generally provides overall control on different features of the software together on one single platform.

100% Accurate and Error-free

Eresultpro is the most precise and accurate reporting software enabling schools to generate 100% error-free reports in various formats. It has made the entire reporting process to be smooth and effective yet reliable and secure.

Better Insights of Students Performance

Teachers and parents get invaluable insight of student’s performance by providing an accurate feedback that helps them to assist students to perform well in exams.

Produce Error-free Reports Effortlessly

Our software gives 100 % error-free and perfect reports keeping all parameters of scholastic and co-scholastic assessment.

Time-saving and and High in Performance

No doubt report card creation is a long process. To save time our software produces quick and quality results and analysis reports in just no time. Our application effectively creates hundreds of reports cards perfectly to ensure high performance level every time.

Trustworthy with Accurate Results

It completely delivers reliable reports with accurate results by ensuring secure data storage and processing it without any special effort. Our software is safe and secure to use-the most essential feature needed to build the trust of our clients.

Quick and Easy to Use

Eresultpro can be accessed quickly from every nook and corner of the screen allowing you easy exploration and increasing utility of the software. Get the desirable results within a few seconds.

Publish Result on a Go

Print your results instantly without wasting much of your time. Get digital reports in detailed, cumulative and summarized formats-be it subject-wise,class-wise, stream wise, and section wise at one touch.

Easy to Process

Our software process all types of reports and results in a quicker and easier way.It is able to generate even complex calculations,marks and grading in just a few clicks of mouse Eresultpro creates ready-to-use reports at all grade levels easily.

Flexible Report Generation

It is 360 degree flexible and customizable software for creating report cards and analysis reports. Schools can manage student information,attendance, marks and grades, and many more features in a single software.

Analyze Reports Faster

Our software is upgraded to generate analysis reports of all grades quicker than other software. We enable you to do powerful tracking and reporting of your school’s performance against you competitors.

Customize and Detailed Reports

Eresultpro creates customized and detailed report summary such as student’s details, marks and grades, attendance reports, generating report cards, creating analysis reports and others for classes 6 to 12 and cater to the needs of school management.

Get Detailed Evaluation of Performance

Our aim is to give you the best user experience ever. Create analysis reports in various formats like graphs, tables and pie charts as per your convenience. It helps school and students to evaluate and compare their scholastic and co-scholastic performance in just a few clicks.

Generate Customized Reports

Through our software you can generate analysis reports of all classes subject-wise, stream wise, class-wise, section-wise and other criteria. It helps you give better insights for comparical analysis of students.

Create Your Personalized Report Card

Every school management keeps a number of students records and retrieving the data as per your requirement is a tedious task. Through our software you can create personalized report cards when needed.

Automated Reports and Results

Our application enables the management and students to create automated report cards and analysis reports hassle-free, saving their time and efforts without any mistake.

Create Reports Instantly & Store

A vast space is used in schools to store files and reports of students which is a messy, time consuming and complex task. To improve the efficiency and productivity of your institution you need to rectify such issues.

Improvise Hectic Administrative Works

Personalized reports play an important role in streamlining the hectic administrative works. It is designed in such a way that schools are functioning very effectively with real-time dataand the school management is able to increase their educational standards.

Stores Ample of Data

You can easily store ample of data through our software without occupying any physical space and increase your efficiency. We enable users to get one precise report at the time when they need it. You can create new data, store, delete and even modify as per your convenience

Systematic Management of Reports

Eresultpro makes it convenient for you to manage hundreds and thousands of reports in one software. Once your data is structured accordingly, you can accessand use it in many ways to improve your school’s management and performance.

Hassle-free Instant Reports

Create and design report cards for schools and classes of all sizes smoothly and quickly without any hassle. Our software not just saves your time but also drive you to make better decisions to improve efficiency of school management,teachers and students.